The Attack on Gadhafi: An escort Agency May Be the Cause

For many years, the escort services industry has operated with a cloak of secrecy and the clients have rarely been made aware of the policies and procedures followed by the agencies. As the profession developed and the industry became established money making business, however, the clients’ right to know were gained through increasing media exposure. Nowadays, it is common for the clients to know the name and the names of their escorts. This leads to questions as to why prostitution is still legal in certain countries and is not illegal in others.

To answer this question, one must first understand how the industry works. Prostitution, like all other forms of sexual services, is regulated by legislation. In fact, prostitution itself is considered a legal activity. The legal definition of ‘prostitution’ describes an act of selling sex, the intention behind which is to derive monetary compensation, including benefits, payment, or material benefit from the sale of sexual services. There are many national and local laws across the world which criminalize the purchase or sales of sexual services.

Sex buyers and sellers are regulated by the laws of each country and, as such, prostitution can be categorized as being either legal or illegal. Within each legal system, prostitution is either conducted in public places, such as brothels and massage parlours, or in private places, such as hotels and private homes. Public brothels and massage parlours are generally prohibited in most countries. Private homes, on the other hand, are generally not. Consequently, escort services and escort agencies that provide sexual services may also be found operating in brothels and massage parlours, in addition to in privately owned establishments.

Each escort agency and brothel employ escorts. This means that not all escorts working for one escort agency are actually employed by another escort agency or brothel. Most often, a single person will advertise his services as a professional escort and then actually work as an employee of another brothel. Because of this, it is usually the case that all escorts providing escort services are working for one escort agency or brothel.

Escort agencies and brothels have been accused of exploiting the poverty and prostitution in countries where prostitution is legal. Escort services and brothels present themselves as legitimate businesses. But critics say that these businesses exploit vulnerable women and girls, who have little or no money and may be forced to work in conditions harsh and inhumane. Some critics say that the increased attention on escort services and brothels has created the impression that all women in the world are sexually exploited. This may have the effect of reducing the incentive for prostitutes to continue working in the brothel or for escort services.

Escort agencies and brothels have been criticized on several occasions for recruiting western women and forcing them to live with abusive husbands or being forced into sex slavery. Gadhafi’s killing has added fuel to those who want to see their home country’s version of the international sex slavery trade shut down. Many representatives of the opposition parties in Libya have called for a boycott of escort services in the country. However, there is no chance of a boycott because there are very few women living in Gadhafi’s old country who can afford to work as prostitutes. Regardless, of what the future brings, however, the controversy surrounding the Gadhafi’s murder is likely to continue for some time to come.